California should dive into wind and solar as they aim for 100% clean energy

The idea that California is violating free market ideology assumes California is the only market. But California is a market, not the market. It is one market among many markets in the U.S. alone, and of course the U.S. itself is a member of the broader world market. Places like Texas, China and Russia do as they please. Technology wise, nuclear and gas still have their opportunities to do their work globally – to compete in the market. These energy sources have been installing volume while individual markets like California, Germany, Massachusetts and Hawaii are choosing winners with incentives for solar+wind. There is a lot of money, a lot of researchers and a lot of markets to test and deploy various technologies.

Of course, we need to acknowledge that California is a large market – the state represents 0.5% of the world’s population – and 3.3% of the world’s GDP. The state must be respectful of its gravity.